Saturday, October 10, 2015

Bears, Bears, Bears Everywhere!

Apologies for such a delayed update on the Bear Necessities Project! We're still up and running and going strong - here's the latest news:

Latest Bear Hand-Outs

8th December 2014 - the lovely Lynne (I Left my Heart in Africa) and Sal (Buccaneers Backpackers) together with a team of little helpers created a fabulous teddy bears picnic for the youngest learners at Chefani School. The children enjoyed juice and a few sweet treats before taking their new friends home for the Summer holidays :)

3rd March 2015 - a team of Bear Necessities supporters including myself and my mum Sue (visiting from the UK - star knitter of bears ;) ) visited Ngxingxolo Preschool in the Mooiplaas village to deliver bears and sandwiches to the children at the school. A little overwhelmed by our presence the children tucked into their sandwiches and then joined in with a few songs and games. When we left some tried to give us their bears back not believing or understanding that they were theirs to keep and take home with them. It's always quite special for me when the official "hand out" is over and the children are playing and getting on with their own thing, bear in hand. As we drove away from the school I spotted a little boy on a bike with his bear riding in front of him - priceless :)

What's Next

Bears are coming in thick and fast - there are 30 ready to be handed out and another 50+ waiting for labels sewing before they are delivered. These bears will be handed out in the fourth term before the Summer holidays - keep an eye out for pictures of the hand-outs on this blog!

Thank you

As always, a huge huge thank you to all of the knitters, sewers, delivery ladies, sandwich and juice makers and everyone involved in this project. It wouldn't happen without you all.

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